Signs For Balding

Balding is a gradual process and takes time before reaching an irreversible stage. The problem is that most of us never take note of the early signs of balding and often ignores until it is too late to do anything. However, early signs of balding can be identified if the symptoms are known. So, what are the early signs of balding? How is it different in men and women? And, how will you be able to identify at an early stage? Let’s check out.

Early signs of balding in men

In men the process of balding begins with a receding hairline. This can be noticed quite early on as you comb your hair every day. Do not ignore receding hairline as this will later on progress to bull blown balding process. Notice if the hair at the top of the forehead is thinning. Take note of the hairline and see if the top part of either sides of the temple is showing more of the forehead. This is the early stage. If not taken care of at this stage, it will progress and start the process of balding in the crown region.

Early signs of balding in women

Most women have long hair. The occurrence of bald head in women is quite low in terms of percentage and thus most women never actually notice when the problem begins. In women, there is no receding hairline, which makes it a bit difficult to note the early signs. The balding begins with thinning hair in the crown region. Women need to part the hair midway and notice if the gap is getting more with passing day. Hair fall is common in women, but you will have to take note of the amount of hair you are losing daily.

How to recover from hair loss?

There are many methods like using hot oil treatment, using egg oil, and other such natural ingredients, along with ensuring a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to ensure that hair fall is checked. However, some issues need further treatment. If baldness has occurred, most of the time the process is irreversible. However, hair loss treatment is present for people at all stages of balding. At earlier stage the treatment is more preventive, while at advanced stage hair transplant is the only way to ensure new hair growth in the bald patch. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a wonderful hair transplant procedure that will leave no scar behind and give natural result.