Reviewing Vaccinations And Options To Mitigate Health Risks In the Workplace

In New Zealand, employers seek new ways to keep their workers healthy. Some strategies can prevent workers from becoming sick and missing extensive periods of work. By following these strategies, companies can see fewer absences and reduce the potential for widespread sicknesses. The following is a review of vaccinations and options to mitigate health risks in the workplace.

Defining the Impact of the Flu Virus

The flu virus consists of many different strains. The flu itself can lead to extensive illnesses. The worker will develop sinus-based congestion as well as chest congestion as the illness progresses. If the illness isn’t managed properly, it can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia. Typically, it leads to workers being absent from work for at least one week. However, if more complex illnesses develop, the worker could miss several weeks.

The condition is highly contagious and airborne. It affects several individuals at once. In a workplace setting, all it takes is for one individual to have the illness for the entire workforce to develop the illness. This could lead to widespread absences and lowered productivity for the business as a whole.

How Flu Shots Work

The vaccine is created to reduce the spread of the flu virus. Each year, medical professionals increase the abilities of the vaccine based on the total number of known flu virus strains. This enables them to lower the chances of the spread of the virus based on the creation of immunity. Individuals who receive the vaccine are at a lower risk of developing flu symptoms.

What Employers Can Do

Employers can offer a convenient option for employees to receive the vaccines. They can work with medical professionals to offer the vaccine through the workplace or a local clinic. They may also offer incentives to workers who choose to acquire vaccinations.

In New Zealand, employers follow steps to mitigate common risks associated with workplace illnesses. Each year, workers are at risk of developing the flu virus. For this reason, employers are finding new ways to provide vaccines for these workers to lower this risk. Employers who want to learn more about arranging these shots for their workers are encouraged to discuss their options with healthcare providers.